Our primary objective is to offer a unique shopping experience in an area where you can breathe an air of international culture in fashion (whether formal, casual or active), art, music, dance, sport and entertainment. All in line with an urban philosophy of style.

We intend to create a place where people can pleasantly meet to enjoy an evening’s entertainment or a day of fun, where they can go on a special shopping trip for their daily needs, according to any taste. The many facets of this project come together to create a new urban experience: simple, satisfying, amusing and not necessarily expensive. Urban style area. A new lifestyle.

Urban: the trendy urban style for is the new trend for everyone, worldwide.
Style: the trendy urban style encompasses all sectors, from shopping to leisure, from culture to entertainment, from sports to catering services.
Area: an urban area very close to town where you can enjoy your free time by practicing sports, going shopping or having fun. all this while breathing in the new urban style atmosphere.