Urban style. A new lifestyle.
Street style, street fashion, urban style: today, casual style lives in the street and takes new ideas and continuous cross-influences from the street. That’s how a style more in line with daily life and the urban world is born.

USA, URBAN STYLE AREA - Cmpogalliano village is a meeting place, a reference point, a new shopping experience that combines sports, leisure time, art, culture and entertainment. All of this focuses on the “urban trendy” style that governs our fashion era: a highly charismatic style that is completely customizable and covers up to five different areas of interest:

- FASHION: Casual and active in an urban style.
- SPORT AND LEISURE: Skateboarding - basketball - golf - fitness - rollerblades - wheel and motor sports (bikes, snowboard, trekking, etc.)
- INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Afurniture and furnishings, services for the construction industry.
- RESTAURANTS AND SERVICES: Healthy and nutritional products - news from all over the world.
- ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS: All-round contemporary art - music - dance - painting - professional and amateur cabaret.